Yahoo!’s Wireless Gaming

(Kevin McLaughlin, Business 2.0) Some proponents of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) feel that interactive gaming could be a killer app for the technology. Yesterday's announcement that Yahoo!'s (YHOO, info) gaming division has inked a deal with wireless gaming specialists nGame Ltd. suggests that the portal sees a business opportunity in the nascent wireless gaming industry. Under terms of the agreement, Yahoo! Games will host a selection of nine wireless games developed by nGame. In addition to classics such as Blackjack, Video Poker, and Hangman, Yahoo! users with Web-enabled mobile phones will be able to choose from more offbeat, multiplayer titles. These include: Alien Fish Exchange, in which players take care of a tank of undersea creatures from other worlds; Merchant Princes, a medieval trading game set in Europe; and DataClash, a multiplayer hacker combat game. The goal in developing wireless games is to get people to stay online for extended periods, according to Alex Green, vice president of business development for nGame. "We're offering games that are very sticky and our game session times are longer than companies that make the standard games [such as Blackjack and Poker]," he says. At the moment, carriers bill by the minute, with the exception of AT&T; Wireless (AWE, info), which offers a flat rate for a monthly fee and basic service free. "We're huge proponents of [flat rate billing], and we think it's really going to help grow the wireless market," says Green. nGame will get a percentage of revenue from wireless advertisements and sponsorships, which will take the form of Short Message Service (SMS) messages and interstitials, according to Green.
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